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About Me

I am a Junction City native who has returned home after spending time studying fashion design and working in the apparel industry. I started my studies in 1999 at Brooks College in Long beach, California after I graduated from high school. After earning my Associate of Arts degree, I began a journey filled with travel and life experiences spending nine years in several different states and countries, always working, mostly in the apparel industry.  New York City was the last place I lived in before I ultimately moved back home to Junction City.

Once I returned home, I wanted to continue studying apparel design, so I attended Kansas State University in 2012-2016 to earn my Bachelor of Science in Apparel and Textiles. While working for GTM at the time, I learned how to operate several different industrial machines.  While having knowledge of garment construction, and sewing skills, I gained the confidence of doing alterations, so I reached out to clothing boutiques that sold wedding dresses and formal wear and began building clientele.

My husband has been very supportive over the years and encouraged me to open what is now Kelly Kell’s Sewing Shop (yes, that’s really my name).  Now I am able to utilize my education and experiences to produce the best products and services for my clients.  I love what I do and I look forward to taking on your sewing projects!

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